About Us

1980 Enterprises, a customer focused company is engaged in the production of a wide range of  Sports Wears and related Products. Established in 2019 and founded by CEO Mr. ……………. . We are continuing to materialize the dream of our company with strong managerial capabilities and dedicated workforce, 1980 Enterprises, has achieved remarkable.

Having a great workforce from workers, complete in-house stitching machines setup, pattern making, R&D department and latest manufacturing technology, the quality of products is well versed with international standards and meet the CE protective criteria. The company is in its highly progressive phase and further expanding its infrastructure and workforce, in order to ensure it meets the increasing demand of its existing and potential new customers.

Keeping Social Responsibility at priority and Health & Safety in focus, 1980 Enterprises provides basic orientation to all its workers such as Neat & Clean working environment, Adequate Health Facilities, Regular worker vaccinations, Noise protection Equipment, Fire drills and Emergency Exit training.

Believing in commitment towards quality and dedicated customer service, 1980 Enterprises welcomes you with best of cooperation and professional support from our entire Team.